Pastors/Elders & Staff

Jamal L. Hyman

Lead Pastor/Elder

Jamal is a native of Plymouth, NC. Jamal played college basketball before receiving his Bachelor's degree from Lancaster Bible College. He also holds a Master's degree from Liberty University. He is married to Sabrina, and they are the proud parents of Judah, Selah and Shiloh.


Abide Bible Church is an elder-led, deacon-served, and congregational-affirmed church. This means that the congregation wields authority in a few areas yet truly delegates its authority to a group of godly, qualified elders to exercise spiritual oversight over the flock. The deacons assist the elders in their leadership of the church by caring for the practical and/or temporal needs of the congregation.

(Pictured from L to R) Jamal L. Hyman, Allen Chambers, Dr. Rob McArthur