Why Goldsboro?

Goldsboro has a city population of nearly 38,000 residents (with a larger surrounding population outside of the city limits.) A large percentage are military affliated (Seymour Johnson Air Force Base) and 70% of the residents unaffliated with a church. According to NC Baptist, Goldsboro has two pockets of lostness. Over, 65% of the residents do not have a relationship with Jesus. There is a desperate need for more gospel-centered churches in Goldsboro, NC.

Our Mission:

We aim to know Jesus, walk with Jesus and go with Jesus.

Our vision therefore is...

   To be a family of gospel-centered family of disciples who live abiding lives in Jesus,

             who KNOW JESUS and submit to His Lordship

             who WALK WITH JESUS and others in their circle of relationships, and

             who GO WITH JESUS by maximizing their unique giftedness and calling,

   In order to fulfill the Great Commission locally and around the world...

Core Values:

Our Core Values help us stay on track to accomplish our mission. Our Core Values are the non-negotiable commitments that set our church apart in the community and describe our true identity and purpose. 

Know Jesus

We desire to see lives changed by the gospel. Everything we do is shaped by the gospel (whether it be our prayers or expository preaching). The gospel is the good news of what God has accomplished in the person of his Son - in His perfect life, sacrificial death, and victorious resurrection. The accomplishments of Jesus secures forgiveness of sins and fullness of life for all who repent of their sin and believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior.

1. Grace-Orientation (Grace is the center of God's character, purpose and ways.)

2. Prayer (All things by prayer.)

3. Expository Preaching (The Word of God as the first and final authority in all we do.)

Walk with Jesus

The gospel creates a redeemed and transformed community of men, women, and children worshipping together. Abide Bible is committed to living abiding lives in Jesus together in the context of HouseChurch and challenging one another to grow as a family of gospel-centered disciples of Jesus.

4. Family-Oriented (Church is not like family, church is family.)

5. Corporate Worship (The corporate expression of magnifying of our Lord.)

6. HouseChurch (A small group of adults living abiding lives in Jesus together.)

7. Christlikeness (Living out the grace we have received in Christ.)

8. Children & Student Discipleship (Intentional, Gospel-Centered discipleship for all ages.)

Go with Jesus

We have been rescued and redeemed by a gentle and lowly Savior. Therefore, we seek to join His mission by making gospel-centered disciples who live an abiding lives among all nations; and living abiding lives with the love of Jesus through service and generosity.

9. Multiethnic Kingdom Culture (Every person matters to God, so each matters to us.)

10. Lay Leadership (An elder-led congregationalist church, whose ultimate expression is to fully equip men and women to serve in God's mission.)

11. Generosity & Stewardship (Making everything we have available to God, all for the sake of the Gospel.)

12. Gospel Renewal (Joining God in his work of renewal in all of life.)